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EASE Online Goes Offline

2015-07-29 17:10

In preparation for updates to the internal server architecture, AFMG shelves the support for online services which have become obsolete with the availability of newer AFMG software. "EASE Online", "DLS Designer", and "Speaker Reader" have been online tools that have aided freelance engineers and small consulting offices for over a decade.

AFMG continues to offer free, professional software for direct sound prediction. Please check out...

1.)    EASE Focus for line arrays, steered column loudspeakers, and conventional point source speakers.

2.)    EASE Address for distributed ceiling loudspeaker systems.

If you have been looking for EASE, the Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers to create 3D professional simulations of room acoustics and loudspeaker systems please follow this link to be taken to the EASE website.

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