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EASE Evac Webinars in July 2012

2012-07-10 13:32

System Sensor and AFMG Present Online Seminars

In the past months, voice alarm system simulation with EASE Evac has become of growing interest to a large number of users. With the number of software implementations increasing around the globe, we have experienced a rising demand for software trainings.
One of the manufacturers that have supported EASE Evac from the beginning is System Sensor. AFMG is proud to be presenting two online seminars in cooperation with System Sensor in July now. The free 1.5 hour courses will give a comprehensive introduction to the software and its use for quick and easy simulation of acoustic evacuation systems.

Intelligibility Made Easy - EASE Evac & STI Calculations

EASE Evac is a software solution designed to provide a 3-D model of sound properties and data for specific environments and speaker configurations. Now, voice evacuation system designers can use EASE Evac to predict the intelligibility of their voice system before installation. During this webinar, we will show you how to obtain an intelligibility prediction using the speaker's EASE data along with other variables like room materials, ceiling height, and speaker positioning.

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The Instructors

Charlie Hughes has been in the professional audio industry for over 20 years, having been employed at Peavey Electronics and Altec Lansing. He currently heads up Excelsior Audio Design & Services; a consultation, design, and measurement services company based near Charlotte, NC specializing in loudspeaker system design. Mr. Hughes is a member of the AES, ASA, CEA, and Syn-Aud-Con, and has presented several papers as well as being an invited panelist to lecture at conventions of these organizations. He is an active member of several AES and CEA standards committees and serves on the executive board of the North Carolina Chapter of the ASA.

Bruce C. Olson is the founding member of OLSON SOUND DESIGN, a consulting firm specializing in acoustical and technical systems design for Performing Arts Centers, Recording Studios, and Houses of Worship. Mr. Olson provides advanced training worldwide for manufacturers, acoustical consultants, and audio contractors for both EASE and EASERA. He is a member of AES, ASA, Syn-Aud-Con, and USITT, and has been an invited speaker for sessions, workshops, classes, and seminars for the ASA, AES, InfoComm, NAMM, NSCA, Syn-Aud-Con, and USITT.

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